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Twibber Stories Kenya5. August 2020

Generous People Built “Nest” in Kenya

Born in Germany, I have been living in Kenya for over 23 years now, where I founded a children’s home. Back when I first moved here, I had a three-year-old adopted daughter from Uganda, but when I saw children begging in the streets, I felt a responsibility to do something about it.

Today, “The Nest” is a unique rescue center in Nairobi which combines rescue with reintegration. We have so far taken care of 2,251 abandoned children whose mothers were sent to prison. We also built a house for the women where they get prepared for reintegration into the society after prison. They learn how to earn their money as tailors or hairdressers. Due to the coronavirus, many of them don’t have an income now and we provide them with food.

Though we don’t get any official aid, we have raised 10,000 Euros since March – thanks to our friends in Germany. There are, for example, communities in my former homeland of Bavaria who send us donations. One friend sews face masks and sends us the profits. I’m deeply grateful for all this solidarity!

Irene Baumgartner, 66, Kenya

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