Stars and Glamour Make the World a Little Better for Cancer Patients

Photo sent by Tanja Bülter

As a TV presenter, glamorous events and celebs are part of my job. The recent „Dream-Ball“ was glamorous and full of celebs – but still this was a very, very special evening for me.

„Dream-Ball“ in Berlin is a fund raiser by DKMS Life. Their program „look good, feel better“ is designed for women with breast cancer. It has already helped 150,000 patients in more than 300 hospitals around Germany.

The idea:  in workshops, with volunteer hair dressers and support from the cosmetics industry, the women get tips on how to cope with the cancer’s toll on each lady’s appearance. My job that evening? To go from guest to guest to collect money. It was a joy, because this is very close to my heart as I lost both of my grandmothers to this vicious disease… 

(If you want to spread the news, post with this hashtag #weareprettystrong on Instagram – and Eau Thermale Avène will give 1 Euro to DKMS Life for each emoji!)