About 700,000 tonnes of sediment flows into the Kaipara Harbour each year. Photo Credit: LDR / Susan Botting

Environment New Zealand28. May 2021

This Harbor Will Soon Be Home to 20 Million Trees

An impressive restoration project is underway in New Zealand where more than 20 million native trees will be planted along the country’s biggest harbor to put an end to the erosion of the land.

“The program is the first of its kind [in New Zealand] – a long-term, catchment-wide remediation initiative involving iwi, central and local government, landowners, and wider community working together to restore the 602,000 ha catchment,” says David Parker, Minister for the Environment.

The $200 million Kaipara Moana Remediation (KMR) project is set to first plant across 6,000 km2 of land and more than 8,000 km2 of waterways. In the coming decade, more planting will take place on over 800 km2 of highly erosion-prone land. The KMR project is set to improve the harbor’s health by slashing sediment running in the waters, reducing nitrogen levels, and producing native plants in 20 nurseries in or close to the catchment, including taonga species for medicine and health purposes.


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