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Twibber Stories Germany10. June 2021

This Twibber Saved 1600 “Lucky Dogs” from Killing Stations

As a proud owner of four wonderful dogs (all got from animal shelters) my heart also goes out to other dogs. For about 15 years my association Lucky Dogs has rescued dogs from shelters and killing stations in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Roumania, Belarus, and other countries.

We have managed to bring them to Germany and find adoptive or foster parents for them. We get them vaccinated, castrated, chipped, and flown to Germany. Though we are a small, private, and unsalaried association we have saved the lives of about 1600 dogs. They are really „lucky dogs“, as we care about them during their lifetime, provide food, or find another family for them, in case their foster parents are in trouble.

I’m very happy that thousands of followers on Facebook have supported us in all these years. Rescuing one dog from a killing station and bringing him to Germany costs only about 360 Euros. For this small price a person who adopts him will get the most humble, grateful new companion – dogs have great souls!

Originally published on November 30, 2020.

Sharon von Wietersheim, Munich, Germany

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