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Twibber Stories Germany30. September 2021

Survivors have fun and take scare out of cancer

“Cancer” is still this shocking, scary word for many of us. So to hear about a happy cancer convention I was surprised! It is called YesCon and just happened in Berlin.

The idea: people who actually survived cancer or are still fighting it meet. Learn about therapies, lifestyle after cancer, experiences from others. 50 panels, 130 speakers, hundreds of guests – and hundreds of thousands on streams online! Two of my friends were there. Jochen is a co-organizer, beat cancer himself a few years ago and said: “What a success, but the best was to meet all these strong, positive people and hear their stories.”

And my friend Tanja, who battled breast cancer: “It boosted my spirits to see so many energetic people who had similar experiences.” The experience of YesCon is over, but cancer patients, survivors, and friends can look for the app on For me cancer lost a bit of its scare: most can be healed – and survivors are strong!

Volker Hausmann, 57, Berlin, Germany

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