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Twibber Stories Germany22. February 2023

Three young Racoons go to School to Enrich Student’s Lives

I am a veterinarian in Berlin and since I was five years old, I knew that I wanted to choose this job. My father had taught me that nature and human beings are equivalent and that animals need our support.

Today I own dogs, cats, sheep and a horse. Since March 2020 I have also taken care of three baby racoons who were abandoned by their mothers. I received special permission to raise them up in my private house. They are called Marvin, Paul and Fritzi. Fritzi, a female, has meanwhile become a real Instagram star.

Though the racoons are wild animals, they are incredibly trusting, curious and positive, just like small kids. They deserve to be protected. With other people, I have started a rescue station and also an association to fight against the killing of racoons by hunters. We go for example to schools to teach children about racoons. These animals are just a little sunshine. With their positive energy, they should not only enrich my life but also the lives of many other people.

Originally published on July 20, 2022.

Mathilde Laininger, Berlin, Germany

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