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AnimalsSociety South Korea26. January 2024

A Happier Future for Dogs: “Man’s Best Friend” Will No Longer Be on the Menu

South Korea is putting an end to a centuries-old custom by banning dog meat for human consumption by 2027 through a three-year plan to help people in the industry transition away from these cruel practices.

“I also hope this progress can enlighten people about the lives of other factory-farmed animals who live in misery for human consumption because they don’t deserve to suffer just for our meal either,” explains Humane Society International (HSI)/Korea’s End Dog Meat campaign manager Sangkyung Lee.

The ban passed with 208 votes out of 210 following a dwindling public support. Indeed, more than 94% of South Koreans surveyed said they hadn’t eaten dog meat in the last year. Penalties will be enforced – up to three years of imprisonment and a $2,300 fine – and financial assistance will be granted to the people engaged in the industry, such as dog meat farmers, those who slaughter dogs for a living, and business owners who sell dog meat. Since 2015, HSI has helped 18 South Korean dog farmers switch to plant-based operations or other industries. More than 1,000 dog meat farms are still in operation, and 1,600 restaurants have dog meat on their menu. South Korea joins the ever-increasing list of Asian countries rejecting the cruelties of the dog meat industry.

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