Cinereous and Griffon Vultures © Hristo Peshev

Animals Bulgaria28. June 2024

Conservation Success: Rare Vultures Reach Record Numbers

Since conservation efforts began in Bulgaria, the country has seen a record-breaking surge in vulture pairs.

Rare vultures are currently being released in the Balkan region in an effort to reinforce existing populations and bolster the local colonies. Slowly but surely, population numbers are rising.

Decades of conservation across various regions in Bulgaria and the larger Balkan region have led to a record number of Cinereous Vulture – once classified as extinct – and Griffon Vulture pairs. From 1985 until 2021, the country did not record a single Cinereous Vulture on its soil. By 2024, the national population reached 18-20 pairs, following over three decades of conservation efforts. Other than just reintroduction techniques, conservationists have put measures into place to make it easier for the birds to find food, find partners, and create safe nests. A €5.17 million project is underway to further restore vulnerable populations, with an expected completion date of 2030.

Vulture Conservation Foundation

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