Cyclists on Santander cycle hire bikes wait at the lights beside a bus on a cycle lane superhighway in Aldgate on 14th July, 2022, London, United Kingdom. Photo Credit: Mike Kemp/Getty Images

EnvironmentSociety United Kingdom7. April 2023

A Historic First: More Bicycles Than Cars on These Streets

For the first time in its history, London, the capital of England, United Kingdom, is counting more cyclists than motorists during peak times, an encouraging trend that benefits a healthier way of life and a greener environment.

“Long-term trends observed from count data taken from 12 sites across the City since 1999 show motor vehicle volumes continuing to decline and cycle volumes continuing to increase,” as stated in the traffic order paper to councilors.

According to the City of London Corporation, cyclists are the “single largest vehicular mode counted during peak times on city streets,” accounting for 40% of road traffic in the city. And throughout the day, that proportion is 27%. Motor vehicles have been restricted in the financial heart of London over the last decade in favor of pollution-free alternatives such as cycling and walking. While the number of pedestrians may be below pre-pandemic figures, the number of cyclists is a whopping 102% of pre-pandemic levels. What’s more, since 1999, the number of motorists has decreased by 64% and the number of cyclists has increased by 386%.


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