A mink bred at the Pinsk Fur Farm of the Belcoopsoyuz consumer cooperative society in the village of Malotkavichy, Brest Region, Belarus. Photo Credit: Viktor Drachev/Getty Images

Animals Italy24. January 2022

Animal Rights Win: This Country Waves Goodbye to Fur Farming

Italy becomes the latest European country to close down its remaining mink farms and to ban fur farming altogether, a decision hailed as a great achievement in the fight for animal rights. 

“In thirty years of animal rights battle, this is the best victory,” says Hon. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, president of the Parliamentary Intergroup for Animal Rights in Italy. “Finally, a parliamentary vote sanctions the end of unspeakable suffering inflicted on animals only in the name of profit and vanity.” 

Italy’s remaining ten mink farms will close within six months. Also, an immediate ban is enforced on the breeding of mink, foxes, raccoon dogs, and chinchillas. Fur farmers will receive $3.4 million from the Ministry of Agriculture to help them transition their business as easily as possible. Following a report produced by Humane Society International/Europe, Italy became the 16th European country to ban fur farming.

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