Two juvenile bald eagles perch on a tree without their parents after learning to fly on their own, away from their nest high in a tree in a north Orange County backyard Thursday, May 28, 2020 in North Orange County, CA. Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Getty Images, Video Credit: AP

Animals USA18. April 2021

Bald Eagle Soars Away from Endangered Species List

The United States’ emblematic bird now has a record number of individuals soaring across the mainland, proof that conservation efforts work since the bald eagle is no longer on the list of endangered species.

“The strong return of this treasured bird reminds us of our nation’s shared resilience and the importance of being responsible stewards of our lands and waters that bind us together,″ says Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the first Native American Cabinet secretary.

The bald eagle population reached an all-time low in 1963 with only 417 nesting pairs. The animal was on the brink of extinction when the Endangered Species Act took effect in 1973; today, there are some 316,700 birds flying over the 48 contiguous states, including 71,400 nesting pairs.

AP News

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