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Health USA3. June 2021

Groundbreaking Lab-Grown “Breast Milk” Is Just Like the Real Thing!

Through their startup, two American female scientists successfully created the world’s first lab-grown breast milk, nutritionally equivalent to female-lactated milk, to help parents to feed their babies.

“We intend to offer parents another supplemental feeding option to nourish healthier babies, empower parents through choice, and contribute to a healthier planet,” says food scientist Michelle Egger who co-founded Biomilq with chief science officer Leila Strickland.

The two partners managed to grown mammary cells in a lab that produce lactose and casein, two key components of breast milk. Biomilq matches almost completely the hundreds of proteins, complex carbs, fatty acids, and other lipids found naturally and abundantly in breast milk. Their product could help feed premature infants, and babies who have food allergies. It is also a good solution for non-biological parents and fathers.

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