Adama Ibrahim took misoprostol that stopped the bleeding after she had given birth. Photo Credit: BBC

HealthSociety Niger31. January 2023

Efforts Pay Off to Keep Mothers Alive for Their Babies

Researchers announce that Niger has managed to half the number of women who bleed to death after giving birth using a simple three-step process.

“This method achieves rapid reductions in maternal bleeding-deaths and can prevent millions more women around the world from bleeding to death after they give birth,” says Dr. Zeidou Alassoum, the NGO Health and Development Initiative Resident Technical Advisor in Niger. “Niger has done it and other countries can too.”

The research, taken place over the last six years, estimates that 1,417 fewer women died from bleeding after childbirth – a phenomenon known as postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). What’s more, the report asserts that it also prevented tens of thousands of other women from experiencing abnormally high blood loss. Included in the three-step process is the use of a low-cost drug that researchers believe could be replicated in other countries. Astonishingly, in developing countries, 25 percent to 43 percent of preventable, maternal deaths are due to PPH.


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