A rendering of the ES-19, an electric airliner with an operating range of 400 km. Credit: Heart Aerospace, Sweden

Technology Norway22. December 2020

Planes Might Soon Be Flying on Sustainable Energy in the North

The Nordic region decided to extend its green transport project to air travel by developing electric planes and have them fly across the area by 2030.

“We have an opportunity here to show the world what’s possible, and also to give the industries in our countries the opportunity to be front-runners and build this market,” says Maria Fiskerud, the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation’s (NEA) project manager and former adviser to the Swedish government on aviation biofuels. “Iceland is a good part of the world to start working with electric aviation. If we can’t do this here then it is difficult to see where it can be done.”

Founded last year, NEA is in charge of coordinating the region’s initiative to go towards cleaner flights as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Greenland all wish to offer environmentally-friendly domestic services by 2030. Sweden plans on linking remote Scandinavian settlements with electric planes within six years. Since the region has access to renewable electricity, is wealthy, and relatively small, it is the perfect place to test the viability of carbon-free flying.


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