Bull elk part of the wild 12,000 elk herd in Eastern Kentucky. Photo Credit: Dennis Govoni

Animals USA27. July 2020

The Return of the Elk: How the Mighty Animal Could Save Kentucky’s Economy

A decline in the coal industry in Kentucky, USA left a huge gap in the state’s economy. A nonprofit organisation could fix this problem with one impressive animal which needed a new home: elk.

The state population is all for the project, and the only territory vast enough to cater to the consumption needs of those large animals are the abandoned coal mines. Once properly reclaimed, this territory can be used for many things, including becoming an ideal habitat for elk.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ goal is to reintroduce animals that were decimated, and to regulate their numbers for hunting and conservation. Elk hunting, elk sightseeing tours and elk hunting guides all help boost the local economy.

The New York Times

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