An older model Vestas wind turbine with three propellers against a blue polarized sky with white clouds. Vestas is a Danish company and the worlds biggest manufacturer of wind turbines. Photo Credit: labsas via Getty Images

Environment Denmark28. May 2021

Here’s How Wind Power Is Becoming Even Greener

A Danish wind turbine maker came up with a new technology that allows them to recycle old turbine blades, avoiding millions of tons of blades from ending up in landfills.

The new technology will “be a significant milestone in enabling a future where landfill is no longer required in blade decommissioning,” says Allan Poulsen, head of sustainability and advanced materials at Vestas.

Turbine blades could account for some 43 million tons of turbine blades in landfills by 2050 since they are difficult to recycle, but through Vestas’ new technology, the glass or the carbon fiber is separated from the resin, and the materials are returned to their original state, making it possible to reuse those materials to build new blades.


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