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Technology USA6. June 2021

Investors’ Latest Interest: Women’s Healthcare!

Female-focused healthcare such as innovative fertility or period products has often been neglected, but investors are stepping in to boost startups focused on female technology – or “femtech” – in order to tackle health inequities and ensure women’s all-around well-being.

“Technology can enable the healthcare system to provide more helpful tools, and we need to integrate them into the current healthcare plan,” says Karen Page, general partner at U.S.-based venture capital firm B-Capital.

The femtech market – expected to reach $60 billion by 2027 – refers to software, diagnostics, products, and services that tap into technology designed to take on women’s health issues. It can be expert online medical advice, home fertility testing kits, information about pregnancy and birth complications, and tackling period stigma or menopause ignorance.

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