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Environment Italy4. July 2021

Major Car Producer to Go All-Electric by 2030

Italian automaker Fiat has put forward its ambitious environment-sensitive plans: it will begin phasing out combustion engines in 2025, and exclusively produce electric cars by 2030.

“It is our duty to bring to market electric cars that cost no more than those with an internal combustion engine, as soon as we can, in line with the falling costs of batteries,” says Olivier François, the CEO of Fiat. “We are exploring the territory of sustainable mobility for all: this is our greatest project.”

As part of its efforts to become more environmentally friendly, Fiat wants to improve the access to electric vehicles, but also the charging infrastructure and the air quality. The automaker recently launched its New 500, a vehicle completely electric since the company was “already aware that the world could not take any more ‘compromises.’” Mini, Volvo, and Ford (at least in Europe) are also talking about switching to electricity by 2030.


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