The world's first permitted 3D printed house for sale, built by SQ4D. Photo Credit: SQ4D

Technology USA5. February 2021

For the First Time a 3D Printed House Is on the Market

The first ever commercial 3D printed house has been listed for sale in the United States, and thanks to the 3D printing technology, the housing crisis could be a thing of the past since printed houses cost a fraction of traditional constructions.

“At $299,999, this home is priced 50% below the cost of comparable newly-constructed homes in Riverhead, New York, and represents a major step towards addressing the affordable housing crisis plaguing Long Island,” says Stephen King, the agent that has the listing.

Printed on-site using the Autonomous Robotic Construction System by SQ4D, the 3-bedroom and 2-full-bathroom house is made of eco-friendly concrete, from the footings and the foundations to the interior and exterior walls. The company will offer a 50-year limited warranty with each of its printed structure. Building plans are being reviewed from New York to California.

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