Photo & Video Credit: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo via SWNS

Animals USA13. January 2022

Happy Family Reunion for This Baby Gorilla!

A zoo in Ohio, the United States, was the theater of a touching reunion between a premature baby gorilla and its surrogate mother, much to the delight of the zoo’s staff.

Baby G was the first baby western lowland gorilla to be born at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in its 139-year history.

Baby G weighed a meager 1.4 kilos at birth on October 26 and contracted pneumonia. After two weeks of treatment to nurse it back to health, the tiny gorilla weight came to a healthy 3.1 kilos. The eldest female of the troop – Fredrika, 47 – acted as its surrogate mother when its birth mom failed to take care of it. Fredrika instinctively took over not only when Baby G was born, but also when the two were reunited. The father – Mokolo, 24 – was also happy to see his little baby come back home, ready to watch over him.

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