Virgin forest in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Photo Credit: Sandra Bartocha

Environment Romania23. April 2024

Protecting (Lots of) Land: “European Yellowstone” in the Works

In Romania, philanthropist groups buy land in an ambitious conversation project called “the European Yellowstone.”

The project’s goal is to create 200,000 hectares of protected land within Romania – the country holding 65 percent of Europe’s virgin forests and considered to be home to one of the most important wildlife ecosystems within the bloc.

So far, thanks to generous donors, the Foundation Conservation Carpathia project has acquired 27,027 hectares of land, reforested almost 2,000 hectares, and planted more than four million trees. Some local communities and hunters are sceptical of the program. Still, as it becomes closer to reality, many inhabitants of small villages now have employment opportunities and other educational and social programs put in place by the Foundation Conservation Carpathia. “They don’t understand that there really is someone who wants to do good without any interest in return,” adds activist and director of communication and local community relations for the foundation Victoria Donos.

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