Taps installed in the Louga region, thanks to a project supported by the African Development Bank, now give people permanent access to drinking water, which previously required more than five hours a day to collect.

HealthSociety Senegal29. March 2024

Hydration and Sanitation: a Major Project for a Happier, Healthier Nation

An additional 250,000 people in Senegal have recently gained access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

The Water and Sanitation Sector Project was launched in Senegal back in 2014 and is set to end this December 2024. $15 million in funding was contributed by various development funds to improve access to drinking water and sanitation, largely for people living in rural areas.

Infrastructure development was also part of the project, with 17,000 families now having toilets and an additional 500 people having permanent jobs. Thanks to the project, the prevalence of malaria in this region has dropped by one percentage point, while diarrhoeal disease rates have dropped by 1.8 percentage points. More than just a reduction in diseases, increasing access to water and sanitation services is improving the livelihood of individuals. One local mother explained her excitement about having tap water in her small village. Previously, she and her daughters would take turns collecting water from other sources, which required five or more hours per day. Her daughters can now invest their extra time into their studies while she can spend it on income-generating activities.

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