Gelbvieh Red Angus cross Breed, Esperance, Western Australia, Australia. Photo Credit: Robbie Goodall

Environment Australia 23. November 2022

If Cattle Eat This Seaweed, We May See a 95% Drop in Methane Emissions!

Researchers in Australia recently discovered a species of native seaweed – seaweed asparagopsis – can nearly eliminate methane emissions in cattle. 

“It is quite well known that ruminant-fed animals expel methane, they burp it out, and it is a big contributor to global warming along with other industries as well. This is one step in helping our environment going forward,” says managing director of seaweed harvesting company Seastock, Tom Puddy. 

The first commercial harvest of seaweed asparagopsis has been completed and turned into canola oil, which will be used by three customers in a commercial trial, following a study where researchers concluded that a mere 20 grams of asparagopsis per animal per day can reduce methane output by 90 to 95 percent. This emerging industry is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.


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