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EnvironmentSociety Sweden5. September 2021

Retail Giant Wants to Buy Back Your Old Furniture!

In its efforts to become circular and carbon positive by 2030, the Swedish furniture multinational Ikea has launched a buyback service in many countries and wishes to add the United States to the list.

“Part of that is looking at opportunities and services to really provide our customers a way to prolong the life of our products, rather than them going to landfill if they’re done with the product,” says Jennifer Keesson, the sustainability manager for Ikea Retail in the United States.

So far, the buyback service is offered in countries like the UK and Singapore, with an American pilot project held at the Conshohocken branch in Pennsylvania. Through that service, pieces of furniture are bought back and resold directly in the store. First, a customer fills an online form where the condition of the item is described. Then, Ikea estimates how much it can offer to the customer. Bookcases, desks, and chairs without upholstery are among the items accepted. Upon seeing the actual condition of the item, store credit is given. “This is a journey and a transformation for everyone. Not only the retailers but customers, policy, the government.”

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