The Voyager Station (pictured) can hold up to 400 people and is scheduled to open in 2027. Image Credit: Orbital Assembly

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In Just 3 Years, You Could Plan a Vacation in… Space!

A new space station will welcome tourists as early as 2025, a larger one is set to be in operation in 2027, and both will orbit the Earth whilst giving humans a luxurious out-of-this-world experience.

“We envision our Pioneer and Voyager space stations as the ultimate ecotourism destinations,” says Orbital Assembly Corporation‘s COO Tim Alatorre. “Once people get to space, it will change their perspective about Earth.”

Pioneer will be able to welcome 28 people and Voyager, 400. Resembling a wheel, both space stations will feature artificial gravity – hybrid microgravity and variable gravity levels up to .57-G – through the use of centripetal motion (it is the force that pushes water against the sides of a spinning bucket). The five modules built around the rotating “Gravity Ring” will feature luxurious rooms and offices with views of Earth, and guests will be able to shower, eat and drink in gravity-provided areas. Sending regular folks into space generates enthusiasm about space travel, allows the testing of safety parameters of space travel, and opens the door for advancing technologies.

Smithsonian Magazine

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