The ban currently applies only to physical establishments like supermarkets, but it will soon be extended to cover roadside stalls as well. Photo Credit: ST Photo/Kua Chee Siong

Environment Malaysia26. May 2023

Let’s Wave Goodbye to Plastic Bags, in Yet Another Country!

In order to fix the plastic waste crisis it is currently facing, the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia is imposing a ban on the use of plastic bags for retail purposes that should be fully implemented by 2025.

“We have given state governments and local authorities the flexibility to decide on the manner of implementing the ban, taking into account their individual needs,” explains Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, minister for natural resources, environment and climate change.

Being one of the top 10 nations struggling with plastic waste management – according to a World Wide Fund for Nature report, Malaysia has used 148,000 metric tons of plastic for food packaging in 2020 alone – authorities have launched the “No Plastic Bags” campaign, first implanting it in fixed business locations like supermarkets. It will be expanded to all physical outlets, including roadside stalls. Through the Madani Reusable Bag and No Plastic Bag Campaign, the Malaysian government is looking to not only fine offenders but to provide incentives to stop the use of plastic bags.

The Straits Times

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