A woman seen holding Malaysian flags during the 64th National Day celebrations in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia celebrating its 64th Independence Day annually on August 31, it commemorates the Malayan Declaration of Independence of August 31, 1957. Photo Credit: SOPA Images/Getty Images

Society Malaysia27. September 2021

These Mamas Can Now Pass Their Nationality to Their Overseas Kids

Malaysian mothers have gained a massive win when the country’s high court ruled to give them the right to pass their citizenship to their children born overseas, a decision that is beneficial to kids and mothers alike.

“This judgment recognizes Malaysian women’s equality, and marks one step forward to a more egalitarian and just Malaysia,” says Suri Kempe, president of campaign group Family Frontiers.

Previously, only fathers had the right to pass their nationality to their offspring, but since it falls into gender discrimination – banned per the country’s constitution – the word “father” now includes mothers, granting children born overseas to have access to education, healthcare, and social services.

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