Midwives in training help deliver babies under the supervision of the head midwife, Afghanistan. Photo Credit: WHO / Kiana Hayeri

Health The World21. May 2023

Moms, Rest Assured You Can Give Birth Safely

A recent study shows that when a series of precise steps are followed, it can significantly reduce deaths from childbirth-related bleeding, reassuring millions of mothers worldwide knowing they can safely bring life into this world.

“This new approach to treating postpartum hemorrhage could radically improve women’s chances of surviving childbirth globally, helping them get the treatment they need when they need it,” explains Professor Arri Coomarasamy, who led the trial and is the Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Global Women’s Health at the University of Birmingham.

Researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the University of Birmingham have proven that when applied correctly, the recommended E-MOTIVE package can significantly reduce postpartum hemorrhage – when a mother loses more than 500mL of blood within 24 hours after birth. More than 200 000 women in four countries took part in the study. The first step is to measure blood loss through the use of a simple, low-cost collection device called a ‘drape’, followed by an immediate treatment bundle consisting of WHO-recommended measures – uterine massage, medicines to contract the womb and stop the bleeding, intravenous fluid administration, examination, and, if needed, escalation to advanced care – can lead to a 60% reduction of blood loss. Consequently, mothers are less likely to lose their life post-delivery. Midwives can perform all E-MOTIVE measures.

World Health Organization

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