Economy minister Rafizi Ramli said there were 102,888 heads of households living in hardcore poverty at the end of October. Photo Credit: Bernama

Society Malaysia9. December 2023

More Measures Lead to Less Poverty Here

After implementing short-term and medium-term measures to decrease the number of citizens living in hardcore poverty, Malaysia is starting to see positive results, thus encouraging the government to power through.

“The government will continue to double its efforts to help the hardcore poor break free from poverty, by setting up various programs to increase their income and create job opportunities,” states Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli.

The proportion of hardcore poor decreased from 126,556 heads of households living in hardcore poverty in January of 2023 to 102,888 as of October 31, 2023. Short-term measures to help people experiencing poverty include cash aid, distribution of essential goods, subsidies for farmers and smallholders, and repairs to rural infrastructure. Entrepreneurship and upskilling programs are among the medium-term measures implemented to improve poor citizens’ income levels, including the People’s Income Initiative, which has helped 4,100 low-income households.

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