Workers, including women and children, work in a cobalt mine through small-scale and non-corporate mining activities referred to as "artisanal" mining, carried out under very poor conditions, without any precautions and any control by any authority in the Mwenga territory of South Kivu province in Democratic Republic of Congo on July 14, 2023. Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

EnvironmentSociety European Union 5. April 2024

New Labor Law to Protect Humans and the Environment Globally

European Union member states have agreed on a new law to better protect human rights in supply chains.

The law will come into effect over the next five years, applying to companies that have over 1,000 employees and annual revenues of over €450 million. It is expected to hold companies that may profit from child or forced labor, or who cause environmential damage, accountable for their actions.

The new law was backed by 17 ambassadors representing 65% of the European Union population. As the law comes into effect, large companies can expect stricter checks regarding child labour, forced labour, and undue environmental damages. The law encompasses worldwide factories, as many of those who use child labour operate outside of the European Union.

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