A women picking tea in the Bogawantalawa Valley, also known as the 'Golden Valley of Tea' in Central Sri Lanka. Photo Credit: isitsharp via Getty Images

Environment Sri Lanka 15. February 2024

One-third of This Country Will Be Forest Land by 2032

A new law – the Reforestation and Forest Cover Act – is set to ensure that 32 per cent of the total land area in Sri Lanka is forest land by 2032.

Furthermore, in compliance with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the plan is also set to put Sri Lanka on track to increase the quantity of carbon absorbed from their forests by 7 total percent. Reforestation is already occuring across the country.

Planting new trees and restoring eroded forests fall within the plan recently approved by Sri Lanka’s cabinet. Private actors, non-government organizations, and international organizations are all involved in establishing the funds necessary for the implementation and execution of this climate-friendly project.


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