Beekeeper Muhammad Asif Ali looks at a piece of honeycomb at Changa Manga Forest in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, around 75 km from Lahore, June 3, 2020. Photo Credit: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Imran Mukhtar

AnimalsEnvironment Pakistan21. July 2020

Tree Planting in This Forest Has Led to a Sweet Surprise: More Honey Production!

Pakistan began planting millions of trees in its Changa Manga forest five years ago, and they are now facing a bonus consequence of their hard work: growing the trees has led the local bee population and honey production to thrive!

“The forest cover plays an important role in the increase of honey production because honeybees get shelter, shade and water from the trees,” explains forest officer Shahid Tabassum to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Beekeepers say they are now harvesting up to 70% more honey than before the trees were planted – a significant positive addition to the project’s main mission of curbing the impacts of climate change.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

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