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Environment Maldives21. March 2021

This Country is Going Plastic-Free by 2023

As part of its plan to phase-out single-use plastics on its territory by the year 2023, the Maldives government presented a list of items banned from import as of June of this year.

Through this phase-out plan, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wishes to repeal the negative effects single-use plastics have on not only the Maldives’ marine environment but also on human health. Furthermore, the government established its Extended Producer Responsibility program to increase awareness, accountability, and recycling efforts.

As of June 1st, drinking straws, plates, cutleries, and stirrers will be banned, as well as cotton wool buds, and a variety of bottles and containers. Larger sizes will be banned as of December 2022. The government’s decision to ban all single-use plastics stems from a proposal submitted by students in which they detailed the dangers related to single-use plastics.


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