Beyond Meat serving its new crunchy pork "bite" at a tasting in China. Photo Credit: Beyond Meet

Society Hong Kong21. April 2021

Here’s Why More and More People Like Plant-Based Foods

The plant-based trend is taking Asian countries by storm, as more citizens wish to adopt healthier diets or reduce their meat product consumption out of concerns regarding the impact meat has on the environment.

“The tide is turning,” says David Yeung, founder of Green Monday, a Hong Kong-based startup that offers plant-based products. “Finally, the whole concept of alternative protein, alternative dairy is becoming more mainstream.”

Products are adapted – such as kung pao chicken, pork belly, and braised meatballs in China – as the demand steadily grows. As of 2020, the “alternative protein” industry is looking at a $25.6 billion worth in the Asia Pacific. Across the region, the number of new factories is growing like mushrooms to follow the consumer demand.


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