Pits are used to create a Bioplastic. Photo, Video: Insider Business

Environment Mexico20. May 2023

Plastic Alternative: Avocadon’t Believe It!

A company based in Mexico is using avocado pits as the raw material for its environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, producing utensils and straws that can fully and naturally degrade in 240 days.

Biofase converts 130 tons of avocado pits every month to make forks, spoons, knives, and straws and since the fruit is largely produced in Mexico, the company is cutting its carbon footprint.

Funded in 2014, Biofase has developed a technology to transform avocado pits into a biopolymer that can withstand heat. Its bioplastic contains 60% avocado biopolymer and 40% synthetic organic compounds. All Biofase’s products biodegrade in 240 days and can be composted at home. The company exports its products across its home country, but also in Europe and in Australia.


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