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Technology France29. April 2021

This Plastic-Eating Yacht Cleans Oceans

A French ocean sailor put together a team of engineers to develop a yacht that would use plastic waste as its fuel, thus getting rid of floating garbage in our oceans.

Upon noticing an alarming increase of plastic in the waters, ocean adventurer Yvan Bourgnon decided to start The SeaCleaners, a project aimed at creating the Manta, a 56-meter catamaran – one of the largest in the world – designed to collect plastic waste from the sea.

The conveyor belt used in the Manta will collect waste, organize it, and feed it to a burner. As the plastic melts, it produces gas that will drive a turbine meant to generate electricity for the ship’s motor. The team plans on making the catamaran 70% self-efficient and will rely on solar cells and wind turbines for the remaining 30%. Still, in the development and concept phase, the first prototype of the Manta should be ready by 2024.

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