HRH The Prince of Wales, Federico Marchetti and Modern Artisan students at Dumfries House. Photo Credit: Mike Wilkinson for YNAP. Video Credit: YNAP

HeroesSociety United Kingdom24. November 2020

Prince Charles Launches a Fashion Line – and It Is a Very Special One

Prince Charles debuts a sustainable, high-end, and locally made fashion line meant to last consumers a long time and to support the training and hiring of fashion hopefuls.

“The Modern Artisan project is a unique collaboration that champions sustainability and prepares trainees with the skills and confidence needed to gain employment in the fashion and textile industry, or start their own business,” says Jacqueline Farrell, The Prince’s Foundation‘s Education Director. “I am confident that each and every one of them will use the skills they have developed throughout The Modern Artisan project to make a positive impact on fashion.”

Standing against fast fashion, the Prince of Wales finds it “utter madness to have a take, make, throw away approach to clothing.” The line’s 18 pieces of men’s and women’s clothing abide by sustainable practices, are made from organic and locally sourced materials, and come with care and repair instructions to ensure that they last the consumer for years of re-wearing. All the profits from the collection will go to the Prince’s Foundation, a charity that creates training programs to help people get hired.

Green Matters

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