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SocietyTechnology Europe3. June 2024

Regulations in Place to Use Artificial Intelligence Ethically

High-risk artificial intelligence (AI) systems in sensitive domains must respect strong new legislation before entering the European Union (EU) market, significantly if those applications could impact democracy, elections, the environment, fundamental rights, health, safety, and the rule of law.

Increased protection of fundamental rights and prevention of discrimination, promotion of transparency and accountability in AI application, and strengthened cybersecurity and data privacy in AI systems are expected through the enforcement of such legislation, which should lead to safe and trustworthy AI innovation in the future.

Under the new law, AI systems in high-risk situations must undergo certification before entering the EU market. Also, social credit scoring and biometric classification systems based on religious beliefs, worldviews, sexual orientation, or race are strictly prohibited. If the law is set to be enforced 20 days post-announcement, most of the provisions will become operational in two years.

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