The LUCAS 3 will be used in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. Photo Credit: PA

Health UK24. July 2021

Say Hello to the Robot That Helps Save Lives

For the very first time, paramedics in the United Kingdom can count on a robot to perform chest compressions on ambulance patients, giving them a better chance of survival.

LUCAS 3, a robot paramedic, can perform CPR compression, thus allowing paramedics to perform other vital tasks aboard. Through Bluetooth connectivity, the compression rate and the depth of compression can be configured.

“The LUCAS device transforms the management at a cardiac arrest and allows paramedics to focus on the key aspects of clinical care,” says Professor Charles Deakin, divisional medical director at the South Central Ambulance Service. Dr John Black adds that since “people can become fatigued when performing CPR manually which then affects the rate and quality of compressions […] and the device doesn’t ‘fatigue or change’, it ultimately acts as a robotic third crew member for our teams.”

The South Central Ambulance Charity has funded 28 robots which can be used for resuscitation, to support patients in cardiac arrest in intensive care units, as well as patients undergoing life-saving surgeries.

The Independent

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