Shaimaa Mohamed, Waai Social Worker, Beni Suef Governorate, Upper Egypt. Nada, Waai Beneficiary, Beni Suef Governorate, Upper Egypt. Image Credit: Courtesy of The World Bank

Society Egypt 27. March 2024

Social Programs Are Empowering Vulnerable Populations Here

A program launched in 2020 in Egypt is reaching, empowering, and educating vulnerable populations.

“I did not know about digital marketing before I attended this training. We increased our income because of this project, and our work is growing,” says mother and new business owner, Marzooka.

The Waai (meaning “awareness” in Arabic) Program consists of 12 interlinked social messages, including combatting child marriage, fostering economic empowerment, advocating citizenship, positive parenting, education, combatting female genital mutilation, promoting good hygiene practices, maternal and child health, family planning, illegal migration, and the rights of persons living with disabilities. Waai’s topics were chosen primarily based on community dialogue that helped identify what issues most negatively impact individuals’ day-to-day lives. So far, between 2020 and December 2023, the program has successfully reached roughly 17 million citizens in Egypt, the majority being female. Waai works alongside the two national social protection programs – Takaful and Karama Cash Transfer Program – led by Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity to reach the populations that need it most.

The World Bank

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