Eight miles north of Salisbury is the neolithic and bronze age megalithic monument Stonehenge in this aerial photo taken on 1st November, 2006. Photo Credit: David Goddard / Getty Images

Technology United Kingdom7. August 2020

Archeologists Look Back Into Time with Super High-Tech, Find New Secret at Stonehenge

Archeologists have made a sensational discovery of a series of deep pits at the mystical Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, UK with the help of super high technology, allowing them to look even further back into time.

The technology, called optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), serves as a way to measure when fragments of rocks made of quartz or feldspar, for example, were last exposed to sunlight.

The archeologists are now planning to use OSL to open up trenches around these discovered series of pits – which form a vast circle more than two kilometres in diameter – to uncover further new information.

The Economist

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