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EnvironmentSociety USA24. May 2024

Storms as a Resource: Enough Water for 2.4 Million People Collected!

Los Angeles, the most populous county in the United States, has captured and stored an impressive amount of stormwater since October 2023, enough to supply water for one-fourth of its population during the “super year” of storms.

“We know with weather volatility, we have to save every drop of water that we can. So this has to continue to be a trend that we invest in,” explains Lindsey P. Horvath, chair of the Board of Supervisors. “The more we see investment in infrastructure, the more we’re going to be able to capture and make a difference, and keep that water resource local.”

A total of 364 billion litres of water – enough for 2.4 million people a year – is now stored in underground basins. Since 2001, investments totalling more than $1 billion have helped remove sediments from reservoirs to ensure their water-catching capacity isn’t diminished. Through the Safe, Clean Water Program, money has been allocated for stormwater-catching infrastructure. Capturing rain to add to the supplies for local cities is a much cheaper option than importing water from Northern California or the Colorado River. L.A. County aims to become 80% reliant on local water supply by capturing more stormwater, recycling wastewater, and boosting conservation by 2045.

The L.A. Times

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