Researchers have analyzed almost 400,000 cells in order to build a detailed profile of endometriosis. Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Health United States 17. January 2023

Studies Open Door to Treating This “Incurable” Disease

Findings in a new study may lead to easier diagnosis and more effective treatments for endometriosis – a chronic, painful disease affecting around 190 million women worldwide.

Researchers analyzed more than 370,000 cells from 21 participants and were able to effectively identify molecular differences between subtypes of endometriosis such as ovarian endometrioma and peritoneal endometriosis. “The fact they they are behaving so differently is really exciting, as it potentially provides us with new opportunities for therapeutic targeting,” explains Dr. Kate Lawrenson, research scientist and corresponding author of the study.

Thanks to the study, researchers now believe that new therapies that target the immune system may prove effective in treating the condition. Though further research is still necessary, this study sheds light on an understudied disease for which there is currently no cure. “I hope that work like ours can help bring conversations about endometriosis into the forefront, to improve awareness and also increase much-needed funding for endometriosis research,” concludes Dr. Lawrenson.

Medical News Today

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