Canopy of Scots Pine at Loch Mallachie, Scotland, United Kingdom. Photo Credit: Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty Images

Environment Scotland13. May 2022

The Biggest Forest Cover of This Country… in 900 Years!

Scotland, United Kingdom, has the largest forest cover of its territory in almost a millennium, and the country plans on having 21% of its land converted into forests by 2032.

A century ago under 6% of Scotland was forested, and today that proportion reached 18% – almost back to what it was a thousand years ago.

Since the 1980s, a larger proportion of native trees have been planted to better help biodiversity. Rewilding and climate movements are on the rise: according to a survey conducted in 2021, some 80% of the population supports the reforestation efforts of the Highlands. Now, authorities want to increase the country’s forest cover by 3% by 2032.

The New Statesman

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