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HealthSociety Senegal2. December 2023

They Care About Their People’s Health, and It Shows

Bill Gates praised Senegal for its innovative spirit in improving the health of its citizens after a recent visit to the country.

“My time in Senegal reaffirmed my belief in the power of science and innovation. There is no question that our world faces some difficult problems. But when brilliant scientists dedicate their talents to taking on the world’s biggest challenges, progress becomes possible, and we move closer to a future when all people lead healthy lives,” writes Bill Gates on his blog.

Gates specifically pointed out five different breakthroughs that the country is currently developing. Firstly, scientists in Senegal are creating AI technology to teach health workers how to treat high-risk pregnancies. They are also working to create a low-cost mRNA vaccine platform to increase the supply and lower the cost of needed vaccinations. Thirdly, the country is investing in tracking mosquitoes at the molecular level to stop the spread of malaria. Gates also discussed a new “novel approach” that will inhibit the growth of “gateway” bacteria that can lead to common diseases such as bacterial vaginosis. Lastly, a new drug development platform could eventually allow scientists to design therapies for novel viruses within days or even hours. Gates affirms that Senegal is making remarkable advancements that may be deployed globally.


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