Fewer than 300 Delacour’s langurs (Trachypithecus delacouri) remain today. Photo Credit: Tilo Nadler/Endangered Primate Rescue Center.

Animals Vietnam26. May 2021

Within This Reserve, the Population of an Endangered Monkey Quadrupled

Two decades ago, a reserve was established in Vietnam to protect a critically endangered primate species. Today, within the sanctuary, the population of the monkey has quadrupled, giving hope to conservationists that more of the animal’s habitat will be shielded from dangers.

“When I first visited the area in 1993, I discovered a population of about 50 [Delacour’s] langurs and quickly realized that if we don’t establish a nature reserve, the langurs will soon be gone,” says Tilo Nadler, a German primatologist who first came to Vietnam on behalf of the Frankfurt Zoological Society to start a primate project in Cuc Phuong National Park. This project eventually led to the establishment of the Endangered Primate Rescue Center.

According to estimations, there are only 234 to 275 Delacour’s langurs living in the wild, and the 22 km2 Van Long Nature Reserve is home to the largest population with 200 individuals. The size of the reserve will be expanded by 1,000 hectares, and a new reserve should open no later than 2022.


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