The 3D-printed school in Lviv will be able to host over 100 children. Photo Credit: Balbek Bureau

SocietyTechnology Ukraine17. January 2023

Ukraine: 3D Printed Schools Under Construction

3D-printed schools are soon coming to war-torn Ukraine.

One company, Humanitarian Innovative Technologies (HIT), has provided support to roughly 100,000 refugees since the very first day the war broke out back in February 2022. HIT has now pledged to have a 3D-printed public school ready for use in Lviv, Ukraine within the first few months of 2023.

3D printing for buildings is cheaper, faster, and more sustainable than building a concrete structure from scratch. Schools and other structures can be built in just a few short months rather than a couple of years it would take to build an average building. Though the primary objective was solving a humanitarian crisis, HIT’s fast-acting and effective ideas will likely alter the way we construct the world for years to come.


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