Bulls walk at a cattle feed lot in the Amazon on June 28, 2017 near Chupinguaia, Rondonia state, Brazil. Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

EnvironmentSociety Brazil30. December 2021

“We Don’t Want Your Deforestation-Linked Meat,” Say Major Supermarkets

In order to protest against the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, six European supermarket chains have decided to boycott beef products from Brazil, adding some economic pressure in the hopes of an environmental outcome.

The boycott follows an investigation by Reporter Brasil in which it was revealed that the world’s largest meatpacker, JBS S.A., indirectly sourced cows from illegally deforested areas. Consequently, supermarket chains such as Lidl Netherlands vowed to stop selling South American beef as of 2022.

A vast majority of JBS’s direct suppliers comply with the company’s policy regarding illegal deforestation, but indirect suppliers are difficult to monitor. As a result, JBS will institute an efficient system to monitor them by 2025. Nevertheless, through their boycott, supermarket chains are applying pressure in hopes of a hastier change.


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