Chimney smoke that partially obscures the crowds of tourists and commuters in the late afternoon blue light, Prague, Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Andrew Merry/Getty Images

EnvironmentHealth European Union 13. November 2022

We Want Cleaner Air … and We’re Going to Get It!

A group of three laws is being proposed within the European Union in an effort to halt and reduce damaging air and water pollution.

“People tell us that they want clean air to breathe. People living in cities, asthma sufferers, and those living near industrial plants, they are all worried and they are asking us to act. The commission will lead the way with an ambitious proposal to strengthen EU air quality standards,” says Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius.

One of the proposed requirements is that EU countries must meet new, legally binding air pollution limits by 2030 – ultimately bringing air quality standards closer to the World Health Organization’s recommendations. Furthermore, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, rather than taxpayers, will be expected to pay to clean up any water that is polluted by their products. It is expected to also grant citizens the right to claim compensation if they suffer negative health effects from illegal pollution.


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