Mjøstårnet The Tower of Lake Mjøsa / Voll Arkitekter. Photo Credit: Ricardo Foto

Technology Norway4. April 2021

Here Is the Tallest Wooden Tower Ever!

The world’s tallest timber building has been built in the small city of Brumunddal, Norway, with materials and expertise sourced locally, offering facilities to residents, businesses and visitors.

“We think it’s exciting to see that wood construction has gained a new renaissance and we are proud to be able to help develop wood architecture to new heights,” explains the architecture firm Voll Arkitekter. “Mjøstårnet is not the blueprint of a tall timber building, but a contributor to further sustainable development.”

The “Mjøstårnet”, which means “The tower of Lake Mjøsa” in Norwegian, has 18 floors divided between services and conference floors, offices, residential units, a hotel, an exhibition room, a public viewing terrace, and two pools. The ground floor remains public. Brumunddal, located 140 km north of Oslo, is known for its forestry and wood processing industry. From the rooftop of Mjøstårnet, it is possible to see exactly where the 140,000 trees needed to build the tower come from.

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